Frequently Asked Questions

    Due to the vast number of possible questions and the amount of effort required to continually maintain accurate answers we have decided not to address frequently asked questions (FAQ) which are related to visa applications, on our pages. We highly recommend you take a look at the Department and Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) web site which has a large database of help and support FAQ. Read more...

    For GLITF SA related FAQ please read on...

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    Our Fees

    To join simply fill out the membership form and either pay in person at the next meeting or post with payment to the Treasurer:


    Full membership is per couple and entitles couples to attend the monthly forums and GLITF SA organised social occasions and free access to our pro bono registered Migration Agent.


    Associate Membership is a limited membership that entitles the members to attend the monthly forum and GLITF SA organised social occasions. Associate membership may also be taken as a single person.

    Cost Description
    $AUD 90.00 Full Membership
    * New - per couple
    $AUD 40.00 * Renewal of the full membership (per couple)
    $AUD 30.00 Associate Membership
    * New - per single
    $AUD 20.00 * Renewal of the associate membership (per single)

    The fees are payable by cash in person to the Treasurer, or post a cheque or money order to the Treasurer at GLITF SA Inc. Cheques and money orders should be made payable to GLITF SA Inc. Please contact us for more information.

    We offer Direct Deposit on request